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How to Find a Great Patent Attorney in Atlanta

How to Find a Great Patent Attorney in Atlanta

Small law firms focusing exclusively on intellectual property often
provide the best attention and service for filing patent and trademark applications.

Look for a patent attorney trademark attorney who has his/her own inventions, issued patents, trademarks or who has participated in starting a new business.

Patent Lawyers are subject matter specific based on their technical degree(s) earned in college. Look for an Attorney with a technical degree that matches your idea invention, such as electrical engineering, computer science, software, physics, biology, biochemistry, chemistry, or mechanical engineering, etc.

Work experience creates subject matter expertise.  Look for a patent lawyer who has relevant work experience to your idea invention.

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To search the US Patent & Trademark Office for a Patent Attorney near you click the link below or visit US Patent Office and search for “OED Patent Attorney/Agent Search.” Next enter your city/state or zip code into the USPTO search engine and the engine will generate a list of Attorney/Agents near you. Use the criteria above to find a Patent Lawyer right for you. Search to find a US Patent Lawyer Search

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Patent Attorney Atlanta

Patent Attorney Atlanta

Are you looking for a Patent Attorney in Atlanta? Call Mat Grell US Patent Attorney for a Free invention or idea consultation (678) 383-4886 . Patent Attorney Atlanta, Atlanta Patent Attorney, Patent Lawyer,  Patent Attorney Georgia.

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